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Clients and Students reviews

Here at Blue Sky Pilates, we treat each client according to their physical condition.

We accommodate everyone's needs as best as we can and accept feedback to improve ourselves further.

“ The private sessions here are such a highlight of my week, the personalised exercises are fun yet challenging and have done so much to improve my posture and breathing!”


"As a result of a lower-back injury, my physio had recommended I do pilates which is how I came upon this studio. I’ve now been a regular client since mid-2021 and my lower-back no longer causes me great pain.
This studio helped me find my passion for pilates. The decor is beautiful and the instructors are incredible. Special shout-out to all the instructors, especially Emily, Monica and Mirae, who helped patiently teach me the foundations of pilates and who continue motivating me on my pilates journey.
Pilates may not be the cheapest exercise you do but it truly does increase your quality of life (stronger core means healthier body) and you can’t put a price on that."


"The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They see your weaknesses and strengths and help you through the class. I do enjoy the group classes and new challenges in every class :) 💙"


"I love how this place offers a variety of classes. Some places only offer beginners..intermediate etc but bluesky has many classes for a specific equipment. Also instructors are super friendly and professional 😇 30sec from Rhodes train station. So many reasons to love this place ❤"


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