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 Blue Sky Pilates is located in beautiful Sydney inner west, Rhodes.


 We offer private, semi-private and 4:1 group classes by professional Pilates instructors.  


 We are focusing on traditional Pilates methods and our motto is "Back to neutral".


 Based on individual body posture analysis, we program Pilates exercises to achieve the client’s goals and needs on Pilates equipment: Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Chair, TRX and small props.


1:1 Private session


The most popular session at Blue Sky Pilates is a 1:1 Private session. Our instructors will analyse the client's posture from head to toe during the first session. 

As STOTT PILATES was co-created with physiotherapists and based on human Anatomy, our Blue Sky Pilates team will find bony landmarks to analyse body posture then explain how imbalance and pain are created and suggest what exercises are required to improve the client's posture. 

Clients will learn the basic principles of Pilates (knowing at least 5-6 basic principles will allow sessions to be safe and more effective) and continue the exercise according to their posture and goal.

Clients will exercise using Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrel or Chair. Small props will also be available to support each client's body and enhance the experience further!

Programming for sessions will be based on the results of the posture analysis performed and exercise analysis during the first session and will reflect the clients’ purpose of exercise and physical condition every session. 

We can assume such efforts by our instructors are why private sessions are most popular at our centre. 

A client who has been attending our centre for more than three years had said that missing a single session will result in their pain returning. Also, schedules can be tight and busy, but making time to exercise at least 1~3 times a week will correct posture and increase stamina, which is why the client continues to exercise with us. 

If you want to check your body posture and feel Blue Sky Pilates session, book a 1:1 Trial session with us!


2:1 duet


Enjoy Pilates session together

2:1 Duet session is a class that can be enjoyed with a family member, a friend or loved ones!

For best results, we recommend completing private trials before beginning 2:1 sessions. Through private trial sessions, clients will not only learn basic Pilates principles but also acknowledge their physical state through posture analysis. 

Equipment such as MAT, Cadillac, reformer, chair and ladder barrels and small props will be used just like private sessions to make the session more effective and engaging.

Exercising together will allow clients to encourage each other and witness the difference in their bodies. A good chat after a duet session with a friend or a family member whom you don't get to see often is always a bonus to relationships.  

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