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Training Course

Stott Pilates has trained over 60,000 students from over 100 countries and they are the creators of the industry’s top Pilates equipment line.



online anatomy course
with Rouxchelle

“Anatomy is like learning a new language. Understanding anatomy language is beneficial to movement specialist as it allows us to communicate our findings with precision when talking to professionals such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapist, etc. and to keep good notes on our client files that will help eliminate any confusion.”

-Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke


Anatomy Course Curriculum


  • Bones & Joints

  • Tissue Types

  • Understanding Movement Planes

  • The Bones & Muscles That Move Joints

  • Analising Movement

anatomy pic.jpg

This course was put together from Rouxchelle’s experience of studying different anatomy resources and choosing what she believes will best prepare a student for studying the different movement modalities taught at ROUX Wellness.


The objective of this course is to help you understand how the the muscles move the body and how those movements occur. This will also prepare you for when you enrol into our Pilates and or other courses.

Understanding the biomechanical movements of the body will make you a much better instructor as you will make better programming choices for your client/s.

You will need to purchase : Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel as this will be a valuable tool for reference during this course as well as post course serving as a great review of the content learnt.


Unlimited access to the contents for 6 months.



This course teaches how to design and instruct Level1(Essential and Intermediate) Reformer workouts in a personal training setting for wide range of clients. While IR may be taken prior to IMP, we highly recommend completing IMP first. 


50hrs class instruction and supervised teaching conducted.

Plus, students are required to complete

Minimum 10 hrs observation

Minimum 40 hrs physical review

Minimum 25 hrs practice teaching


Total 125 hrs


Upcoming Schedule

Intensive Reformer 50 hours

Day 1 27 Sep Friday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 2 28 Sep Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 3 29 Sep Sunday 12pm-5:30pm


Day 4 04 Oct Friday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 5 05 Oct Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 6 06 Oct Sunday 12pm-5:30pm


Day 7 12 Oct Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 8 13 Oct Sunday 12pm-5:30pm


Day 9 19 Oct Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day10 20 Oct Sunday 12pm-5:30pm

Price $3800 EB $3600 by 27 July


IMP provides the solid foundation and skills needed to develop effective and motivating personal training programs. This course teaches how to design and teach Level1 (Essential to Intermediate) Matwork repertoire, integrating unique light equipment, to meet the specific needs of your clients.

40hrs class instruction and supervised teaching conducted.

Plus, students are required to complete 

Minimum 10 hrs observation 

Minimum, 30 hrs physical review 

Minimum 15hrs practice teaching

Total 95hrs


Upcoming schedule

Intensive Mat-plus 40 hours

Day 1 16 Aug Friday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 2 17 Aug Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 3 18 Aug Sunday 12pm-5:30pm


Day 4 23 Aug Friday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 5 24 Aug Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 6 25 Aug Sunday 12pm-5:30pm


Day 7 31 Aug Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 8 01 Sep Sunday 12pm-5:30pm

Price $3200 EB $3000 by 16 June


*IMP+IR $6600 EB $6400

*IMP+IR+ICCB $11000 EB $10500


INTENSIVE cadillac

ICAD prepares instructors to teach Level1 (Essential and Intermediate) exercises on the Cadilllac. By the end of this course each will be able to fine-tune personal and circuit training programs to meet a variety of clients’ conditioning goals with 125 Cadillac exercises.

25hrs class instruction and supervised teaching conducted.

Plus, students are required to complete
Minimum 10 hrs observation
Minimum 15 hrs physical review
Minimum 10 hrs practice teaching

Total 60 hrs.


Upcoming Schedule

Intensive Cadillac 25hours

Day 1 22 Nov Friday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 2 23 Nov Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 3 24 Nov Sunday 12pm-5:30pm


Day 4 29 Nov Friday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 5 30 Nov Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Price $2300 EB $2100 by 22 Sep 2024

*ICCB $4300 EB $4100 by 22 Sep 2024

*IMP, IR & ICCB $11000 EB $10500 by 16 June 2024


Intensive Chair

This course prepares instructors to teach Level1 exercises on the Stability Chair. By the end of this course each will be able to programs to meet a variety of clients’ conditioning goals with 63 exercises on the Stability Chair.

15hrs class instruction and supervised teaching conducted.

Plus, students are required to complete
Minimum 5 hrs observation
Minimum 10 hrs physical review
Minimum 10 hrs practice teaching

Total 40 hrs


Upcoming Schedule

Intensive Chair 15hours

Day 1 01 Dec Sunday 12pm-5:30pm


Day 2 07 Dec Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 3 08 Dec Sunday 12pm-5:30pm

Price $1500 EB $1400


Intensive barrels

This course prepares instructors to teach Level 1 exercises on the Barrels and to fine-tune personal and circuit training programs. A variety of clients goals can be met with 98 exercises on the Arc Barrels, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector. 

10hrs class instruction and supervised teaching conducted.

Plus, students are required to complete

Minimum 5 hrs observation

Minimum 10 hrs physical review

Minimum 5 hrs practice teaching

Total 30 hrs


Upcoming Schedule

Intensive Barrel 10 hours

Day 1 14 Dec Saturday 12pm-5:30pm

Day 2 15 Dec Sunday 12pm-5:30pm

Price $1100 EB $1000


injuries&special populations

Topics covered include

-Approaches to rehabilitating an injured musculoskeletal system

-Anatomy and biomechanics, dysfunctions and pathologies, and exercise modifications in the lumbo-pelvic, cervical, upper quadrant, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot regions.

-Pregnancy, fibromyalgia, and other special conditions, plus workout design

-Appropriate modification of Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair and Barrel exercises as well as proper use of props and light equipment


Upcoming schedule

Injuries and Special Populations 32hours 


Price $2600 EB $2400 

Learn to customize workouts to address weakness, health conditions, postural problems and injuries (but not to diagnose specific injuries). This “lecture-demo” format provides a greater understanding of the many conditions and challenges clients may have and/or are experiencing.



Upcoming Schedule

Advanced Reformer 18 hours

29 July Monday 9am-4pm

30 July Tuesday 9am-4pm

31 July Wednesday 9am-4pm

Price $1600 EB $1500 by 29 May




Upcoming Schedule

Advanced Mat  6 hours


28 July Sunday 11am-6pm

Price $700 EB $600 by 28 May



Upcoming Schedule

Advanced Cadillac 6 hours

02 Aug Friday 9am-4pm



Upcoming Schedule

Advanced Chair 3 hours

03 Aug Saturday 9am-12pm

Price ACCB $1400 EB$1300 by 02 June

AMRCCB $3500 EB$3300 by 28 May


ADVANCED barrels

Upcoming Schedule

Advanced Barrels 3 hours

04 Aug Sunday 9am-12pm


zenga mat

Upcoming schedule

ZENGA Mat 8 hours


Price $800 EB $700


zenga Equipment


Upcoming schedule

ZENGA Equipment 8 hours


Price $800 EB $700

ZM + ZE $1500 EB $1300


STOTT PILATES offers a range of introductory and continuing education workshops to help keep skills and knowledge current. Over 145 titles to choose from, most with no prerequisites required.




Rouxchelle is part of an esteemed and global team of instructor trainers, exclusively made up of highly qualified and internationally sought-after educators who are known for their dedication, professionalism and attention to detail. A true trainer of trainers.

Rouxchelle is fully certified in STOTT PILATES® and has obtained International Lead Instructor Trainer qualifications for the entire STOTT PILATES® repertoire, Total Barre™, Total Barre™ & Halo®, CORE™, Fascial Movement and ZEN-GA™ & Halo® Training. For over 15 years she has been running classes for STOTT PILATES®.

She has also worked  personally with elite athletes such as Australian Olympic Kayaker ‘Floody’ (Naomi Flood) and Canadian Olympic Kayaker Emily Fournel, to help achieve wellness and excellence in their fitness journey.  

She personally is passionate about you being accepted, celebrated and empowered through her ability to personally connect to you and your wellness goals.




Originally from the UK, Lisa Kaye is a former member of the British National Gymnastic Squad.

She has been teaching group and 1-1 exercise since 1996, is Certified with the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), holds the APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association) Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy and is a STOTT PILATES Fully Certified Instructor and



As an Instructor-Trainer, she delivers courses and workshops to instructors and health professionals in STOTT PILATES both in Australia and overseas.

She is also an International Presenter for STOTT PILATES and has presented at the Filex National Fitness Convention in Sydney on numerous occasions as well as at the APMA Convention in 2018.  


In 2019 Lisa also became a Master Trainer for HyperVibe WBV (Whole Body Vibration).  Lisa strives to ensure every course, workshop, class and 1-1 session she delivers is fun as well as educational and effective.




Minah, originally from Korea, arrived in Canada at the age of 19. Her exploration of Pilates commenced there, finding comfort in its ability to improve posture and relieve pain. Fortunately, living near the Merrithew Toronto Corporate Training Centre, she immersed herself in comprehensive Pilates courses in 2015. Also, the Apprenticeship program solidified her enthusiasm for teaching Pilates.

After spending 8 years in Canada, Minah started a new chapter, moving to Australia in 2017. In 2018, she founded "Blue Sky Pilates," not just as a studio but as a center for Merrithew courses and workshops, addressing the limited availability of such offerings. Now a STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer, Minah facilitates convenient access to Merrithew programs for Australian students.

Minah's commitment to learning resonates in her role as a dedicated knowledge sharer. Eager to share her accumulated wisdom, she thrives on guiding students. Recently, she broadened her expertise to Gyrotonic®, becoming a certified instructor, showcasing her enduring passion for exploring diverse movement practices.


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